Erdogan orders charges on American goods up to 140%

ANKARA _ Palestine News Network

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan issued a decree lifting tariffs on US imports.

According to Reuters, the Official Gazette of Turkey announced Wednesday morning that the charges included American imports, including automobiles, alcohol and tobacco.

The lifting of the car charges was 120%, alcoholic beverages 140%, tobacco 60%, and the fees also increased for goods, including cosmetics, rice and charcoal.

The Turkish decree came as a response to the devaluation of the Turkish currency against the US dollar by 40 percent after US president Donald Trump last Friday doubled tariffs on Turkish aluminium and steel imports, days after Washington imposed sanctions on the Ministers of Justice and the interior Turks, for Ankara's refusal to release US pastor Andrew Branson, who is being held by Turkey on terrorism-related charges.

On Tuesday, Erdogan called on his countrymen to support the pound and boycott US electronic products, describing the sanctions as an economic war and threatening to give up the US dollar in trade with other countries.


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