Crowds mourn the bodies of the three martyrs in Nablus

Massive Palestinian masses, today, Monday, mourned the bodies of the three martyrs, Fathi Jihad Rizk (30 years old), Abdullah Yusef Abu Hamdan (24 years old), and Muhammad Bilal Zaytoun (32 years old) in Nablus .

The funeral procession started in front of Rafidia Hospital, to the main roundabout in the city center, and then to the homes of the martyrs in Balata camp , to give them a farewell look.

The mourners performed prayers for the martyrs in the mosque of Abd al-Rahman, and then the bodies were buried in the camp cemetery.

The mourners chanted slogans condemning the crimes of the occupation against our people, calling for the embodiment of national unity so that our people can confront the crimes of the occupation and its continuous aggression.

Large forces of the Israeli Occupation Army stormed Balata refugee camp at dawn today, which led to the death of the three youths, the wounding of at least 6 others, one of them critically, and the bombing of a number of houses.

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