Canada frees financial manager for "Huawei"

Canada _ Agencies

According to Canadian media, the authorities may release the financial director of Huawei, Ming and Zhou, if the United States does not send a formal request for delivery before January 8, 2019.

According to the information available, the Canadian judiciary has decided on the current conditional partial release of Ming for a material bail of 10 million Canadian dollars (7470000 US dollars), about 70 percent of which will be paid in cash.

The conditions of release also include the handing over of all passports and the documents that entitle them to travel now, refrain from applying for good travel documents, agree to be monitored electronically, and not leave the accommodation where they will be between the 11pm and the 6am.

On her part, she commented on the news in an official statement:  "We are confident that Canadian and American justice will reach conclusions that are right in this regard, our company adheres to all official laws and decisions in the countries in which it operates, and we take into account controls on export issues and Punishments  ".

Canada suspended Ming on Dec. 1 at the request of the United States, after the latter charged Huawei with circumventing the laws of multinational banks and controlling companies operating in Iran.


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