Al Mezan Center: The Occupation Escalated Its Attacks Against Residential Homes And Civilians

Al-Mezan Center for Human Rights said today, Saturday, that the Israeli occupation forces continued their aggression against the Gaza Strip for the fifth day in a row, and escalated their attacks on residential homes using shells with very large destructive capabilities.
The center added, in a statement, that “the occupation shells caused severe damage to dozens of homes and civilian facilities in the vicinity of the targeted houses, and caused material, physical, and psychological damage to the population, and forcibly displaced hundreds of civilians under the weight of the bombing.”
The center indicated that the number of martyrs rose to (33), including (6) children and (4) women, and (147) others were wounded, including (48) children and (26) women.
The center indicated that the occupation forces completely destroyed (57) housing units, inhabited by (58) families consisting of (374) individuals, including (133) children and (53) women, in addition to about (300) housing units that were partially damaged. Hundreds of children and women whose homes were destroyed were forcibly displaced.
Al-Mizan pointed out that the military attacks spread terror in the hearts of the safe, including patients in hospitals, after the attacks on residential homes or agricultural lands damaged the ambulance and emergency building of the Ministry of Health, and the buildings of the departments of Al-Aqsa Martyrs Hospital in the central governorate, and in Muscat Health Center in Khan Yunis Governorate.
He noted that the occupation authorities continued to completely close the crossings of the Gaza Strip for the fifth day in a row, in a deliberate attempt to push the Strip and its population into a humanitarian catastrophe.
Al-Mizan touched on the declaration of the Federation of Municipalities of the Gaza Strip that an environmental and health catastrophe threatens the lives of the residents of the Strip, as a result of the sewage stations stopping treating wastewater and pumping (120) thousand cups per day into the sea as a result of the lack of fuel, and that there are approximately (200) wells for drinking water Threatened to stop pumping water to the population.
And he warned of a serious threat to the deterioration of the electric power situation, as a result of preventing the entry of fuel into the generating station and thus stopping its work completely, which would constitute a serious threat to the cessation or decline of basic services that are indispensable for the life of the population.
Al-Mezan Center emphasized that the occupation forces have turned residential homes protected under international law into legitimate targets for their military attacks, which are attacks that seek deterrence and collective punishment in addition to their civilian nature.
And he stressed that the occupation forces deliberately use shells with destructive capabilities that far exceed the goal to be achieved by deliberately causing damage to dozens of neighboring homes, facilities and properties, and did not care about the presence of hospitals and health facilities, and deliberately spread terror in the hearts of the safe, including patients inside hospitals.
He also stressed that the occupation's insistence on tightening the closure and preventing the entry of humanitarian supplies, which threatens to stop the basic services that are indispensable for the life of the population, indicates its intention to push the Gaza Strip and its residents into a humanitarian disaster that affects people and the environment.
He called on the international community to do its duty to stop the war crimes committed by the occupying forces and work to end his impunity.
He called on the international community, including the Arab and Islamic nation and the free people of the world, to take urgent and effective action to protect civilians and stop war crimes.
He appealed to the Public Prosecutor of the Criminal Court to immediately investigate the crimes that the occupation forces continue to commit in the Gaza Strip and those committed since 2014.

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