The occupation destroyed 15 homes in Gaza

Today, Saturday, the government media office in the Gaza Strip confirmed that the ongoing Israeli aggression on Gaza is in its fifth consecutive day, during which 33 martyrs were killed, 30% of whom were women and children, and 147 civilians, 60% of whom were women and children, were wounded, and 147 citizens, 60% of whom were women and children, were injured. .

The office stated that the outcome of the martyrs and injuries indicates the nature of the Bank of Goals that the occupation leaders are talking about, saluting our steadfast people in the face of aggression.

Salama Maarouf , the government media office, said , in a press conference held at Al-Shifa Hospital in Gaza City, that the occupation destroyed 15 houses, with a total of 51 housing units, totally demolished, and 940 housing units were damaged, of which 49 housing units were unfit for habitation, and the estimated value of the initial losses amounted to nearly 5 million. dollar.

He pointed out that the agricultural sector suffered direct losses and damages exceeding $3 million as a result of the ban on exporting more than 1,000 tons of agricultural products, the suspension of the fishing sector, and damage to large agricultural areas and farms for citizens.

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