UNRWA: Loss of civilian life in Gaza "a real tragedy"

The United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees ( UNRWA ) described Thursday evening the loss of life among Palestinian civilians, including women and children, in the Gaza Strip as a "real tragedy".
UNRWA said in a statement that it is responding to the needs of Palestine refugees in the Gaza Strip with the intensification of the conflict (the Israeli aggression against civilians in the Gaza Strip for the third day in a row), adding that the loss of life among civilians, including women and children in the Gaza Strip, is a tragedy. real.
And she indicated that she is currently checking the number of Palestine refugees among the martyrs and the wounded, explaining that the occupation aggression escalated intensively during the past 24 hours.
It confirmed that it continues to respond to people's needs by providing basic services, including food distribution, health and sanitation services, solid waste transportation and operation of water wells, in light of the closure of all UNRWA schools in Gaza.
UNRWA noted that the current escalation exacerbates the already harsh humanitarian situation for Palestine refugees in the Gaza Strip, including many women and children.
It is noteworthy that the Israeli aggression continues on the Gaza Strip for the third day in a row, claiming 29 martyrs and more than 90 wounded, most of them children and women.

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