(The government media): The aggression on Gaza destroyed 11 housing units

The head of the government media office in the Gaza Strip, Salama Maarouf, said that the (Israeli) aggression on Gaza led to the complete destruction of 11 housing units, stressing that all ministries and government institutions have increased their level of readiness to deal with the current situation.

Maarouf added, during a press conference held on Tuesday evening, and dealt with the latest field developments, that this aggression began by targeting homes in both the cities of Rafah and Gaza, and then continued with dozens of raids, in which nearly 50 warplanes participated, targeting different locations, infrastructure, and agricultural lands concentrated in the center and south of the Gaza Strip. ".

Maarouf stated that the occupation was not satisfied with the crime of assassination and bombing, to increase its aggression by tightening the siege on the Gaza Strip by closing the crossings leading to the Gaza Strip, which exacerbates the exacerbation of the humanitarian conditions inside the besieged Strip, and warns of a humanitarian crisis if this closure continues.

Maarouf indicated that government staff and field teams are still working to limit the damage, follow up on the developments of the aggression and deal with its effects.

He stressed that all ministries and government institutions raised their level of readiness and were instructed to activate the emergency plans prepared in advance, indicating that the specialized teams deal with the war remnants that were spotted in the targeted places.

In the context, Maarouf reassured the citizens of the continued work of government institutions in providing their various services, and the availability of basic materials and commodities in sufficient stock.

Maarouf mentioned that consumer protection teams monitor the movement of markets to ensure that prices are not tampered with or that monopolies occur, noting that the Ministry of Economy published a list that included the prices of various commodities.

And he called on all merchants to abide by them, calling on all citizens not to rush to store goods in excess of their usual need.

Maarouf announced that the national number, 109, has been allocated to deal with any emergency cases.

During the conference, Marouf called on the international community to take a clear stand against the aggression.

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