"Facebook " seeks to predict future user movements

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It seems that Facebook is looking to see your future steps, according to documents revealed by the American Patent and Trademark Authority.

Patent documents reveal how a social networking giant will use user site data to predict where they will go in the future, even when they are not connected to the Internet.

Facebook is also likely to use the user's friend data and location data to predict future movements.

In May 2017, the patent was filed with the American Patent and Trademark Authority (FDA), but it was recently reported by the site  "BuzzFeed news".

Facebook has called its new technology, which is contained in the patent documents  "Offline trades", and the company has shown in the documents in detail how to use the site data to predict where the user will go in the future.

The new Facebook technology examines past pre-recorded places associated with user visits, allowing access to its site data list, and also accessing site data for other people in order to make predictions, which is based on the expectation of future places of visits To the user by the number of candidate geographic locations using a computer model and user-related metadata.

The documentation indicates that  "The computer model is created using automated learning and metadata associated with users who were in the candidate's geographic location."

Facebook will not only collect your site data to build your visit map, but will also look for your friends and, in some cases, strangers who have also gone to the sites you visited to determine where to go.

The patent also includes another technology titled "Predicting the location using wireless signals on online social networks " (Location predicting using wireless Signals on online community), which will analyze the power of Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and Signals Cellular communications to locate the current user. When you do this, Facebook is also able to predict your future location if you are not connected to the Internet.


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