The occupation demolished and seized 953 homes in Jerusalem and the West Bank during the past year

The Israeli occupation authorities demolished and seized 953 homes throughout the West Bank and occupied Jerusalem during the past year 2022, which is the highest statistic since 2016. According

to a report issued by the European Union today, Tuesday, the demolished buildings were more than 80 %, with 781 buildings in Area C.

28,446 civilians were affected by the demolitions, while all but 35 buildings were built due to the lack of building permits, which is almost impossible for Palestinians to obtain in Area C and East Jerusalem.

According to the report, of the buildings targeted during the 12 months, 101 were funded by the European Union or EU member states (a value of 337,019 euros), which represents the third largest financial damage since 2016.

He said, "The number of buildings that were demolished by their owners, by an Israeli decision, increased significantly, from 34% in 2021 to 51% in 2022 in occupied Jerusalem."

The report confirms that Area C is witnessing a rise in targeted buildings located in Bedouin and herding communities, and expresses concerns that the buildings will be seized based on Israeli Military Order 1797, which provides only 96 hours' notice and very limited grounds to legally challenge. the demolition.

He added, "It was noted that there was an increase in the demolition of buildings in Areas A and B, on punitive grounds, as demolition orders were issued in Masafer Yatta and Al-Walaja, which constituted great concern for their residents."

He pointed out that this report was from 6 years ago, which was recorded in 2022, when settler violence increased, and 849 settlement incidents were recorded in 2022, which represents an increase of 58% compared to 2021 and an increase of 123% compared to 2020.

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