At least 10 people were killed by floods in the earthquake zone in Turkey

At least ten people were killed Wednesday as a result of floods in two areas in southeastern Turkey affected by the devastating February 6 earthquake, Turkish media reported.

Nine people were killed in the city of Sanliurfa, including five Syrians who were found dead in the basement of a building, according to the official Turkish news agency Anadolu.

Another person was killed while searching for three missing persons in the neighboring province of Adiyaman, which also witnessed heavy rains.

And the Anadolu Agency stated that the victim was in a container that had been converted into an emergency shelter when it was surrounded by water.

Many of the earthquake survivors were temporarily housed in tents and containers in 11 provinces of Turkey.

Pictures taken on Wednesday showed roads in Sanliurfa covered by torrential rains, sweeping away cars and trucks.

A video clip filmed in Malatya province, adjacent to Adiyaman, also showed water rising around the white tents where the survivors of the earthquake, which killed 48,500 people, live temporarily, according to the latest toll published by the authorities, which also indicated that 13.5 million people were affected by it.

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