A martyr and about 165 cases of arrest and the demolition of 41 facilities in Jerusalem last February

The Jerusalem Governorate  documented the death of a young man by settlers' bullets at the Nabi Samuel intersection, northwest of occupied Jerusalem, and recorded about (165) cases of arrest and the demolition of (41) facilities during the month of February.


The governorate confirmed, in its monthly report issued by its Public Relations and Media Unit, about the violations of the Israeli occupation during the past month, in which it summarized all the violations that were monitored in the neighborhoods and towns of the Jerusalem governorate.



In its report, the governorate documented the martyrdom of the young Hussein Khaled Qaraqe (32 years) from the town of Al-Isawiya, after settlers shot him at the intersection of the Prophet Samuel, where the occupation authorities detained his body, noting that he He is married and the father of three children, thus becoming the number of Jerusalemite martyrs whose bodies are kept in occupied refrigerators and the graves of (25) martyrs.




During February, the Jerusalem governorate monitored about (30) injuries as a result of live and rubber-coated metal bullets, and severe beatings by the occupation forces on Jerusalemites, in addition to hundreds of cases of gas suffocation.




The Jerusalem Governorate report recorded about (165) cases of arrest of citizens in all areas of Jerusalem Governorate during the month of February.



The report of the Jerusalem Governorate documented, during the month of February, about (9) attacks carried out by settlers that included physical abuse, as well as the attack on the “imprisonment of Christ” church in the Old City of occupied Jerusalem, and on citizens’ homes in the Wadi Hilweh neighborhood in the town of Silwan, and in the town of Umm Tuba. Racist slogans and damaged tires of a number of vehicles.


attacking Al-Aqsa


The report of the Jerusalem Governorate said that the Israeli occupation forces intensified their military measures at the gates of the blessed Al-Aqsa Mosque, harassed and searched the worshipers, and confiscated their identity cards.


The governorate monitored the storming of (3583) settlers to the blessed Al-Aqsa Mosque during the month of February, under the strict protection of the heavily armed occupation forces.


In a related context, a stone fell from the outer surface of the Dome of the Rock chapel, which is part of a ceramic tile measuring approximately 20 * 20 cm, which was added to the Dome of the Rock Mosque after the recent Egyptian restoration.


Attacks on Christian sanctities:


The settlers continued their violations and incitement against the Christian sanctities in occupied Jerusalem, where 3 settlers stormed the "Christ Imprisonment" church in the Old City of occupied Jerusalem, destroyed its contents and tried to set it on fire with the aim of burning it.

Demolition and dredging operations:


During the month of February, the Israeli occupation forces demolished (41) facilities in the occupied Jerusalem governorate, including (13) self-demolished facilities, and carried out (3) excavation and land leveling operations.


Demolition and Forced Eviction Notices:


Last February, the occupation authorities delivered about 36 demolition notices for commercial establishments and homes, most notably in the Al-Sala’a neighborhood in the town of Jabal Al-Mukabber, as they ordered the demolition of about 20 commercial stores, and demolition orders were hung on some of the doors of the homes of the people of Al-Issawiya after storming them, declaring a massacre. New in the town, where decisions included 10 residential buildings, each building contains from 2-10 apartments.


Land grab:


The occupation forces issued a decision to seize an area of ​​(252,395) dunums of land in the town of Hizma under the pretext of widening the main road between the towns of Hizma and Jaba, northeast of occupied Jerusalem, so that the lands threatened to be seized under this pretext become more than (500 dunums).


Violations against prisoners:


During the past month, the Israeli occupation authorities imposed financial fines and seized the private property of "243" Palestinian prisoners, including about "168" prisoners from occupied Jerusalem, under the pretext of "receiving money from the Palestinian Authority."


Violations against Jerusalem institutions:


The Israeli occupation army attacked students at Al-Quds University, Abu Dis, in occupied Jerusalem, while settlers attacked a land belonging to the Orphan School in the Wadi Al-Rababa neighborhood in Silwan, occupied Jerusalem, and forced a student to take off his clothes despite the cold weather at the Shuafat military camp checkpoint, after beating and then arresting him. .


As for the assault on journalists, on February 8, the occupation forces arrested Palestine TV journalist "Ahmed Hababa" while he was passing through a checkpoint near the town of Beit Iksa, northwest of occupied Jerusalem.

The occupation forces also assaulted a number of journalists and prevented them from covering the events in the town of Jabal Al-Mukaber, while Al-Jazeera photographer Wael Al-Salaymeh was wounded by rubber-coated metal bullets.


As part of the attack on the medical personnel, the occupation forces stormed a medical center in the Ras Khamis neighborhood, northeast of occupied Jerusalem.


Civil Disobedience:


Civil disobedience and the comprehensive strike called for by the national and Islamic forces in the Jerusalem governorate, due to the continuation of the occupation’s daily crimes against the people of the governorate and all Palestinian governorates, including killings, arrests, house demolitions, and abuse of prisoners, in addition to the abuse suffered by the people of Shuafat camp and the town of Anata.


settlement projects:


The Jerusalem Governorate said in its report that, during the past month, the occupation authorities continued to work on two new settlement projects and to start implementing a project to establish a new base in the Wadi al-Rababa neighborhood, within what is known as the "suspended air bridge" that will allow an increase in the number of settlers who stormed the blessed Al-Aqsa Mosque, and from New projects:


- A plan to establish a settlement neighborhood on the lands of Jerusalem International Airport, near Qalandia camp, north of occupied Jerusalem, on an area of ​​1,243 dunums, which had been seized by the occupation authorities, and the so-called “Israel” “Land Fund.” The plan will include 9,000 settlement units, most of which will be allocated to settlers. It will also include about 350,000 square meters of trade, work and tourism areas.


- The occupation authorities announced a new settlement plan on the lands of occupied Jerusalem, through which it seeks to continue changing the features of the Holy City and erasing its Arab-Palestinian history. Estimated at 1.2 million square metres.



In its report for the month of February, the Jerusalem Governorate documented the issuance by the court occupations of (35) actual prison sentences against Jerusalemite prisoners, including (14) administrative detention sentences and the imposition of very high financial fines that increase the suffering of their families.


In addition, (30) house arrest decisions were monitored against Jerusalemites, including many children, and the period of house arrest decisions issued ranged from two to 15 days.


In February, the occupation authorities issued (18) deportation decisions from the city of Jerusalem and its old town, including (6) deportation decisions from Al-Aqsa, and a travel ban was renewed for one of the Jerusalemites.

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