9 martyrs and dozens of injuries, including serious ones, by the occupation bullets in Nablus

Today, Wednesday, the Palestinian Ministry of Health announced that 9 people were killed, and 97 others were wounded, at least 6 of them seriously, by Israeli occupation forces' bullets, during their storming of the Old City of Nablus.

1- The elderly martyr Adnan Sabaa Ba’ara (72 years old)
2- The martyr Muhammad Khaled Anbousi (25 years old)
3- The martyr Tamer Nimr Ahmed Minawi (33 years old)
4- The martyr Musab Munir Muhammad Awais (26 years old)
5- The martyr Hussam Bassam Aslim (24 years old)
6- The martyr Muhammad Abdel Fattah Abdel Ghani (23 years old)
7- The martyr Walid Riyad Hussein Dakhil (23 years old)
8- The elderly martyr Abdel Hadi Abdel Aziz Ashqar (61 years old)
9- A martyr whose identity has not been known yet

Injuries: (97 injuries, including at least 6 serious injuries) 
- Rafidia Governmental Hospital: 47 injuries from live bullets, including 3 serious injuries.
Nablus Specialized Hospital: 20 injuries, including a critical injury to the back and abdomen.
- An-Najah Hospital: 10 injuries from live bullets, two of them in critical condition.
- Al-Ittihad Women's Hospital: 9 injuries with live bullets.
- Arab Specialist Hospital: 11 with live bullets.

Nablus events todayAccording to Wafa News Agency, large forces of the occupation army stormed Sheikh Muslim neighborhood and the eastern market on the outskirts of the Old City of Nablus, amidst gunfire.
The National Action Factions had called, through mosque loudspeakers, on citizens in Nablus to take to the streets to lift the siege on the besieged and confront the occupation forces.

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