Russia calls on Israel to consider the "consequences of its operations in Ramallah on civilians"

Moscow _ Palestine News Network

Russia called on Israel to pay special attention to the negative consequences for civilians of the operations carried out by the Israeli occupation army in Ramallah near the office of the Russian representation to the Palestinian National Authority.

"We call upon Israel, when deciding on special operations, to calculate the negative consequences for civilians, including possible threats to the health and safety of foreign mission personnel," a statement issued by the Russian Foreign Ministry said Wednesday.

The statement noted that the Israeli army penetrated into the area of "a ", which is under the full control of the Palestinian National Authority, in the West Bank on Monday, and that clashes broke out during which the Israeli army used tear gas canisters, sound bombs and live bullets And rubber, injuring scores of Palestinian citizens, explaining that "these operations took place near the headquarters of Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas and the building where the Russian representation is in the Palestinian Authority."

For the third consecutive day, the Israeli occupation army continued to raid the city of Ramallah, allegedly searching for the perpetrators of the shooting that took place near the settlement of "Ofra " On Sunday, injuring six settlers, while the executors fled.


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