35 people were killed by the collapse of the Northwest Italian bridge

Italy _ Agencies

At least 35 people were killed Tuesday after a part of a bridge in the Italian city of Genoa collapsed, while dozens remained under the rubble, according to a local official report.

The collapsed bridge clip, is part of a highway, suddenly collapsed, and led to the fall of about twenty cars that were going on it.

"The death toll from the collapse of the highway bridge in the Italian city of Genoa has risen to 35," The Italian news agency ANSA quoted sources in the fire department as saying.

According to Italian state television, "a large number of victims are under the rubble of the Murandi bridge," stressing that the process of lifting debris from the scene of the accident is still continuing.

The Director of the ambulance in Liguri County, Francesco Permano, was quoted as saying that "the collapse occurred at an altitude of about 100 meters, estimated to be about 20 wounded, while seven people were rescued from the rubble."

In the same vein, Italian Interior Minister Mateo Salvini said in a press release in Catania, Sicily, "I thank firefighters, paramedics and volunteers who intervened from the very first moment and are still digging to save lives, but unfortunately about 30 people were killed, in addition to a large number of casualties Dangerous  ".

"I pledge to the Italians that the responsibilities of an unacceptable catastrophe will be determined, because it is not possible to work and die in this form in 2018," he said.

"I have crossed this bridge a hundred times, but now I will do everything I can to get the names of former and current officials," he said. It is not acceptable to die this way in Italy. "

The number of casualties is likely to rise, owing to the fall of the bridge over an area with residential buildings and commercial and industrial complexes.

The collapsed bridge, located on the highway  "A10", is known as the Murandi Bridge, the architect who designed it in the 1960s, passing over residential neighborhoods in the city, the capital of Ligoria province.


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