More than 72 digital violations against Palestinian content during the past month

Sada Social Center monitored more than 72 violations of Palestinian content through social media platforms, including 40 deletion of accounts and pages completely from the digital space.
The center indicated in a press release this evening, Saturday, that journalists and media institutions are still the most vulnerable to documented violations, at a rate of 79% of violations, as 32 violations were documented against pages belonging to media institutions and accounts of journalists , including those whose accounts were completely deleted, and 25 accounts of Palestinian activists who wrote about the Palestinian issue.
The violations monitored by Sada Social were distributed across the various social media platforms as follows: The platforms run by Meta Company were at the top of the platforms in terms of committing 61 violations (41 Facebook / 20 Instagram), which varied between deleting the post , followed by restricting access, preventing publication, and preventing the use of some features such as broadcasting. Direct messages, advertisements, participation in groups for a certain period of time, and deletion of the account completely.
In addition to 3 violations monitored by the center through the WhatsApp application, 5 violations via Twitter, one violation via YouTube, and one violation through the TikTok application. As for the distribution of violations according to the type of account, the center monitored 36 personal accounts whose owners were subject to digital violations, 34 public pages, and 2 groups on Facebook.
Regarding the nature of the violated content related to the Palestinian cause, the center monitored 25% of the nature of the violated content, which consisted of texts and words related to the Palestinian cause, and 40% of the content that included Palestinian pictures of martyrs or events describing the aggression of the occupation, and 32% of the violations were for video clips that mostly included funerals of the Palestinian martyrs who died during the past month. Where the algorithms consider these contents to be a tribute to people and organizations that Mita describes as "dangerous".

The Center stressed the need to report any violation of freedom of publication, or hate speech or incitement against the Palestinians on the digital space, and the importance of documenting these violations based on the importance of being on digital platforms and transmitting the Palestinian narrative, and respecting freedom of expression as a right guaranteed by all international covenants.
On the other hand, the Sada Social Center specialized in protecting digital rights in Palestine organized a symposium entitled "Digital war against Palestinian news... What is the solution?" To shed light on the digital war of Palestinian news, the reality of digital restrictions on journalists, and the solutions offered to us as Palestinians.
The center also participated in the annual Bread & Net Forum 2022 in the Lebanese capital, Beirut, in a paper on "patterns of integration between digital tyranny, tyranny, and oppression against societies, and its role in narrowing the space of opinion, freedom of communication, and access to information.”

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