Owners of destroyed houses return to schools to protest the suspension of the rent allowance

Gaza _ Palestine News Network

The owners of homes destroyed by the Israeli occupation during the 2014 war on the Gaza Strip announced Tuesday that they would return to UNRWA schools to stay there at 9 a.m. on Wednesday to protest against the suspension of the rental allowance.

UNRWA halted the payment of rental allowances to some 1412 families whose homes had been completely destroyed and had not been rebuilt.

While some UNRWA sources attributed the non-payment of the rental allowance to the lack of funding, other sources said that it was for political reasons.

A spokesman for the displaced families said that they would travel with their families to UNRWA schools after they had become homeless as a result of the interruption of the rent allowance for the fifth consecutive month.

UNRWA bore full responsibility for the decision and its consequences.

At 11 a.m., UNRWA Commissioner Pierre Krähenbühl is scheduled to hold a press conference to discuss issues related to the work of UNRWA.


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