Russia denounces a "significant increase" of Ukrainian bombardment on its territory

On Sunday, the Russian security services (FSB) detected a "significant increase" in the Ukrainian bombardment targeting the Russian lands bordering  Ukraine  , killing one person and wounding five others during the past week.

"Since the beginning of October, the number of attacks by Ukrainian armed groups on the  Russian  border has increased significantly," the security services, which also monitor the border, said in a statement.

The attacks particularly affect the Belgorod region, bordering Kharkiv in Ukraine, where Ukrainian forces have regained control of thousands of square kilometers since the beginning of September, all the way to the border.


 Russian security services said the Russian regions of Bryansk and Kursk were also targeted.

"During the past week, it recorded more than a hundred bombing operations in 32 towns, with the use of multiple systems to launch rockets, artillery, mortars and drones," she added.

She explained that "a local resident was killed and five people were injured, including a child" as a result of this Ukrainian bombing, which also resulted in the destruction of two power stations, eleven residential buildings and two administrative buildings.

The agencies pointed out that eight border control points were damaged.

In addition, the governor of the Kursk region, Roman Starovit, accused the Ukrainian forces on Sunday of bombing the St. Nicholas Monastery on the border between the two countries.

"There were no consequence. One of the shells hitting the building and the fire was quickly put out," he said on Telegram, posting pictures of a damaged roof and wall.

Russian territory has been targeted repeatedly in the past seven months.

On September 12, an bombing of a Russian border post resulted in one death and four injuries, and damage to residential homes and power lines.

In July, the Russian military accused Kyiv of firing three missiles at Belgorod, the largest in the region of the same name.

In April, Moscow said that Ukrainian helicopters attacked a fuel depot about forty kilometers from the border.

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