Kremlin denies any role in protests "Yellow Jackets"

Moscow _ Agencies

The Kremlin on Monday denied any role in the movement of "Yellow Jackets" and stressed that any hint of a role played by Russia in the protests, especially over the internet, would be "defamatory."

"We have not interfered and will not interfere in the internal affairs of any country, including France," Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Pskov told reporters, describing the events as "an internal affair exclusively related to France."

"We respect the sovereignty of France and we are grateful for the same reply from France. Any allegation about Russia's possible participation is only defamatory. "

He responded to a question about the verifications initiated by France after the increase in counterfeit accounts aimed at expanding the protests of "Yellow Jackets" on social networks.

The British newspaper "Times " reported that hundreds of these counterfeit accounts are apparently fueled by Russia.

Quoting the analysis of New York's information security company, the paper said that about 200 Twitter accounts broadcast pictures and videos of presumed elements of the "yellow Jackets", who were seriously injured by police bullets, while these pictures had nothing to do with the demonstrations that took place in France weeks ago.

The French organs consider it premature to comment on the Times ' allegations.


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