Updated|| The occupation launches a campaign of arrests in the West Bank

The Israeli occupation forces launched a campaign of arrests and raids in several areas in the West Bank, at dawn and this morning.

Those forces arrested 7 citizens from Hebron: Mazen Jaradat from Sa'ir town, the young Mahmoud Warsana from the sheikhs, the editors Ahmed, Mahmoud Abu Daoud from the city, Ibrahim Salama Kaabneh, Yahya Salama Kaabneh, and the boy Jamal Ibrahim Kaabneh from Yatta.

The occupation forces, from Nablus, arrested Rakez Awad, after storming his house in the village of Talfit, while they stormed the house of the prisoner Bilal Hashem in Jama'in and confiscated a vehicle from inside.

And the occupation forces stormed several other areas from separate areas, without any arrests reported.

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