Demonstrations continue in Jaffa against the plan to displace Palestinian families

 Our people in the city of Jaffa, within the 1948 territories, continue to organize vigils against the scheme aimed at displacing and displacing 1,400 Palestinian families in the city.


The vigil called by the Palestinian civil and political forces in Jaffa condemned the Israeli racist schemes in total and in detail, and the settlement companies' endeavor to seize Palestinian property in the city.


The protesters chanted, "Jaffa is not for sale," stressing that uprooting and Judaization is just a time bomb to evacuate the city from the Palestinians. They called on all our people in the 1948 territories to show solidarity with Jaffa, and to confront the new Jewish transfer.


It is noteworthy that the people of Jaffa organize a weekly vigil, to shed light on the apartheid regime.

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