In preparation for a more comprehensive strike.. 30 administrative detainees are waging a new battle against the Israeli jailer

The captive national movement - the administrative decision - announced today, Friday, that 30 will start an open strike in protest against the occupation policies against them.

According to a statement published by the Prisoner's Club, those decided to fight the battle of "human will, against the fascism of the colonizer, the battle of the Palestinian who resists his hunger against an occupation that possesses all means of torture and killing. " As stated in his text.

The statement indicated that these detainees have suffered from administrative detention for many years, and most of them do not have months of freedom between each two arrests for years, including the sick and the elderly, but they believe to the core in the justice of our fatal cause fiercely.

The stressed statement that this battle will be a prelude to a broader and larger battle that affects all administrative struggle, as part of the long Palestinian to demolish the walls of the fascist occupation, and for the struggle to build a society free of oppression, injustice and colonialism.

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