"Echo Social": 360 cases of violations of Palestinian content during last August

The "Sada Social" Center documented more than 360 cases of violations of Palestinian content in August 2022. The accounts of violations and included the largest number of violations since the beginning of this year, which escalated with the momentum of events in the arena. These violations focused on the widespread Israeli attacks in the recent aggression on the Gaza Strip, followed by the Israeli attacks in the city of Nablus on August 9, 2022.

According to a statement today, Saturday, the press violations that were monitored by “Echo Social” were distributed across the various social media platforms as follows: The platforms run by Meta Company came on top of the platforms in committing violations, with 232 violations on the Facebook platform, which varied between deleting the post, followed by restricting access and preventing Posting, preventing the use of some features such as live broadcasts, advertisements, participating in groups for a certain period of time, deleting the account completely, in addition to 53 on Instagram attacks, most of which were based on “Story” stories submitted by their owners related to the Israeli attacks in the city of Nablus, and the recent attacks on the Gaza Strip. Gaza.

In addition to 40 violations monitored by the "E Social" Center on the Twitter platform, which features many Palestinian news content as sensitive, followed by 12 violations on WhatsApp, which were the banning of women's numbers and news groups, and 9 via Tik Tok that included the deletion of accounts completely. YouTube platform, the center documented 4 violations on Palestinian and news channels.

The Echo Social Center indicated that media organizations were the most vulnerable to documented violations, with 260 violations against the pages of media organizations and' accounts, including those whose accounts were completely deleted, due to their coverage of news related to Israeli attacks , and their transmission of Palestinian humanitarian stories, which cannot be relayed. It is classified as promoting terrorism as the platforms claim.

And on the most prominent Palestinian issues that were violated by social media platforms, they were: the stories of the martyrs in the recent Israeli aggression on the Gaza Strip, such as the child martyr Alaa Qaddoum (5 years old), and symbols and personalities belonging to the Islamic Jihad movement, such as: Khaled Mansour, and any name, photo or video clip that dealt with the martyr Ibrahim al-Nabulsi and his mother, and the publications that included a text or a picture of the martyr Abu Ali Mustafa , the leader of the Popular Front, on the anniversary of his assassination.

Echo Social indicated that Meta justified this restriction on Palestinian content as either incitement and praising acts of violence, and it also contradicts the list of terrorist personalities and organizations according to their classification, which means more obliteration of crimes against humanity committed by the occupation, as well as preventing the Palestinian narrative. from spreading.

Echo Social Center expresses the seriousness of this deliberate censorship and its bias against victims under occupation, while excluding the Ukrainian case from all these standards, and does not prohibit any inflammatory content and praise of violence that contradicts the declared Meta standards. related to digital content.

The Echo Social Center stressed that it is communicating about the accounts that have been violated, while it was able to return nearly 9 accounts on the Facebook and Instagram platforms.

The Center stressed that it is still continuing to pressure not only towards returning deleted accounts and removing restrictions on other accounts, but to work to correct these biased algorithms and standards, in the context of its endeavors to provide a free space for Palestinian content, and to give priority to the freedom to publish news content, and the consequences of this is one of the rounds of discussion with communication platforms about the need to understand the specificity of the Palestinian case, and that digital restrictions are a crime and a violation of international law. 

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