An international campaign to demand the refusal to accept the "American Zionist Organization" in the Economic and Social Council

The International Academic Campaign Against Occupation and Apartheid, a number of Palestinian communities in the diaspora and associations of solidarity with the Palestinian people, organized a wide campaign with the aim of calling on the United Nations to reconsider accepting the "American Zionist Organization" in the United Nations Economic and Social Council, for its support of the settlement and immigration activities of the Israeli occupation state, which are activities outside international law and are considered war crimes because they include aggression and ethnic cleansing.


The Secretary-General of the International Academic Campaign Against Occupation and Apartheid, Ramzi Odeh, said that the acceptance by the United Nations of this racist organization led to a state of frustration among the Palestinian people from the international organization, at a time when he hoped for the issuance of resolutions that consider Israel a racist state, coinciding with the reports of international organizations that condemned the occupying country as State apartheid and persecution.


He considered that the international academic campaign, with all its active branches in the world, and all its networking relations with supporters of the Palestinian cause, had submitted letters to the Secretary-General of the United Nations, Antonio Guterres, calling for Israel to be considered a state of apartheid and racial cleansing, and to reconsider accepting the American Zionist Organization in line with the rules international law calling for achieving world peace, protecting human rights, and criminalizing ethnic cleansing and discrimination.


It is noteworthy that the cadres of the academic campaign and its partners in Jordan (through the Jordanian Academic Campaign for Solidarity with the Palestinian People), Lebanon (the People's Committees in Lebanon), Egypt (the International Academic Campaign in Egypt), Iraq ( the Iraqi Association for Political Science), and Libya (the High Commission for the Palestinian community in Libya), Latin America (the Koblak Organization), the United States of America (the Palestinian organizations in the United States), Ireland (the Palestinian community in Ireland), and Denmark (the Palestinian community in Denmark), have organized vigils in front of the United Nations headquarters and raised dozens of messages Which objects to the acceptance of the American Zionist Organization. "

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