Abu Bakr: 1,000 prisoners will go on hunger strike at the beginning of September

The head of the Prisoners and Ex-Prisoners Affairs Authority, Major General Qadri Abu Bakr, said today, Sunday, that the prisoners are about to escalate their struggle steps in order to implement their demands, and these steps begin today with the dissolution of the regulatory bodies.


Abu Bakr added that this means that the administration of disturbing the occupation prisons will be forced to deal with each prisoner separately, and this is a step that was taken in the past and was very useful because its the administration, as it is known that in Anys the administration deals with a spokesperson for the prisoners, and there is a spokesperson for the prisoners in every section and in every room.


Abu Bakr announced the steps that the prisoners will take, in addition to dissolving the regulatory bodies, where 1,000 prisoners will go on hunger strike at the beginning of September, to double the number in the coming days and may reach 2,000 prisoners, in addition to refraining from going out to the fort, returning meals, and sit-in inside Cells and wards, and several preliminary steps that precede the mass hunger strike.


Abu Bakr stressed that the hunger strike is not the goal of the prisoners, as it is resorted to as a last resort and is forced to do so, but there are a number of escalatory steps that precede that, and added that the motive of these steps is the occupation prison administration’s disavowal from implementing the prisoners’ demands and withdrawing Several privileges have been obtained previously.


Abu Bakr said that the occupation prisons administration deprives the prisoners of their rights on a daily basis, especially after the “tunnel” incident, where the six prisoners were isolated. Mini.


Abu Bakr referred to the mass and popular solidarity with the prisoners in all cities, coinciding with the prisoners’ escalatory steps inside the cells, as well as the international escalation, as President Mahmoud Abbas announced in the country to internationalize the prisoners’ issue.


The Supreme National Emergency Committee of the National Captive Movement issued a statement yesterday, Saturday, saying: “We are moving towards our steps after the intransigence of the occupation in reversing its decisions related to arbitrary transfer, in order to cover up its abject failure in Operation “Freedom Tunnel” last year.”


In its statement, the committee announced the prisoners' struggle program for the current week, which is escalating day by day, as they will wear the prison administration's (Shababs) clothes tomorrow, Monday, in the squares and in numbers, and the open hunger strike will be launched in its first batch of 1,000 prisoners next Thursday. Which will be supplemented by other regiments according to an agreed upon mechanism organized by the Emergency Committee.


The Committee called on the masses of our people to stand by their prisoners, by standing in front of international institutions, as well as by going to points of contact with the occupation.

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