Haaretz: 723 administrative detainees are held in Israeli prisons

The Hebrew newspaper, Haaretz, reported today, Monday, that the number of detainees in Israeli prisons without trial (administrative detention) reached 723 until last week, the highest since 2008.

According to the newspaper, 11 of the detainees are Palestinians inside, and the rest are Palestinians, and none of them are Jews.

Last June, there were 184 detainees held in administrative detention for more than a year, one of them a minor, and the proportion of administrative detainees out of the total number of detainees exceeded 15%, nearly double the previous figure in May 2008, when 803 administrative detainees constituted 8% of the total number of detainees.

It is noteworthy that administrative detainees are held in occupation prisons without filing an indictment against them, and the procedure is known as pretrial detention, and no evidence is presented in their case and none of the lawyers has access to their files on the pretext that they are confidential, and these arrests are approved by judges who receive a signed order From the commander of the IDF Central Command (the West Bank Command), in addition to secret intelligence materials regarding the detainee on a one-sided basis.

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