"Journalists Support" condemns the damage to media headquarters in Burj Palestine as a result of the Israeli aggression

The Journalists' Support Committee condemned the Israeli occupation army's persistence in its aggression, since Friday morning, against civilians and civilian facilities in the Gaza Strip , and its destruction of some residential apartments in the Palestine Tower, located in the Rimal neighborhood in central Gaza City, which resulted in several damages. Media offices located in the aforementioned tower, including the damage to the office of Al-Ayyam newspaper, which included the shattering of glass in the rooms of Al-Ayyam office, scattering of office contents, damage to the water network, and a crack in the wall of the eastern side of the office, as well as severe damage to the Shehab News Agency headquarters. 

The Committee to Support Journalists, in a statement today, Saturday, called on all concerned international bodies to intervene to stop this aggression, and to provide protection for journalists and media institutions in Palestine to enable them to carry out their work.

It considered that the impunity of the perpetrators of these crimes encouraged the Israeli occupation to continue committing these crimes.

The Special Rapporteur on freedom of expression called on the United Nations and international human rights institutions to investigate the crimes of the Israeli occupation against media freedoms in Palestine, and to bring the perpetrators and all those involved in them to justice as the only way to put an end to them.

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