594 attacks by the occupation and settlers during the month of July

The Commission against the Wall and Settlement Resistance confirmed that it had monitored 594 attacks by the occupation and settlers , according to its monthly report, "Violations of the Occupation and Measures of Colonial Expansion" for the month of July 2022.

The head of the Settlement and Wall Resistance Commission said in a press statement, "The total number of attacks carried out by the occupying power and its colonizers' militias last July amounted to 594 attacks against Palestinian citizens and their property."

Shaaban added, "These attacks ranged from vandalism, razing lands, uprooting trees, confiscating property, closures, roadblocks and bodily injuries. These attacks were concentrated in the Bethlehem Governorate with 102 attacks, followed by the Ramallah Governorate with 83 attacks, and then the Hebron Governorate with 81 attacks."

Shaaban noted that in July, the occupation authorities approved 20 new colonial plans in order to expand the settlements, targeting 2,137,061 dunums of Palestinian citizens’ lands, in order to build 3,430 new colonial units. Six new colonial schemes targeting 579.46 dunums were deposited. It seeks to build 2029 new colonial units.

Shaaban continued, and the occupation authorities also legitimized two colonial outposts in Ramallah governorate, which are: "Mitzpe Dani" by approving the Hillaki scheme and "Mitzpe Kramim" through a court decision.

On the other hand, Shaaban said: "In the month of July, too, the Israeli occupation authorities issued 49 notifications, ranging from demolition notices, construction halts, or evictions of Palestinian facilities on the pretext of non-licensing. Most of these notifications are concentrated in the Hebron governorates (14 notices). ) and Tubas Governorate (12 notifications).

Shaaban pointed out that the demolition operations carried out by the Israeli occupation forces during the month of July amounted to 26 demolitions of homes, commercial facilities and sources of livelihood, which caused the demolition of a total of 49 facilities and sources of livelihood. These operations were concentrated in Hebron governorate with the demolition of 22 facilities, and Jerusalem with 12 A facility, Salfit and Nablus, with 5 facilities each.

Shaaban confirmed that the number of attacks carried out by settlers during the period monitored by the report amounted to a total of 68 attacks, the most prominent of which was the martyrdom of the young man, Amjad Nashaat Abu Alia (16 years), from the town of Al-Mughir, north of Ramallah.

Shaaban indicated that the report records that a total of 2,175 trees were damaged and uprooted by the colonial militias, including 1,840 olive trees. These operations were concentrated in the governorates of (Qalqilya 1000 trees, Ramallah 470 trees, Nablus 430 trees).

Shaaban indicated that at the beginning of July 2022, the occupation authorities began building two sections in the annexation and expansion wall; The first section is in the northwest of the West Bank. This section aims to build a concrete wall with a height of 8 meters next to the metal fence and a length of 45 km from Salem village, west of Jenin governorate to west of Shweika village in Tulkarm governorate.

As for the second section, it is located in the south of the West Bank, and this section aims to build a 22 km long concrete wall from the village of "Lisfer" to the south of the village of Khashm al-Darj in the Hebron Governorate.

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