Areej: A new settlement neighborhood on the lands of Ya`bad and Anin in the northern West Bank

The Applied Research Institute "ARIJ" revealed that the Israeli occupation authorities have approved the new settlement plan, which bears No. 166/6/3, to establish a new settlement neighborhood belonging to the settlement of Tel Manashe, on Palestinian lands. Which belongs to each of the towns of Ya'bad and Anin in the Jenin governorate in the north of the occupied West Bank.

 The new settlement plan calls for the confiscation of 87 dunums of Palestinian land for the construction of 107 new settlement units in the new neighborhood in Basin No. 2 of Ya'bad lands and Basin No. 6 of the lands of Anin village in the area known as Khallet Salah.

 The new settlement plan also stipulates that the classification of the targeted Palestinian lands will be changed from an open public space and agricultural land to a first and second class residential area according to this Israeli classification, in addition to open areas and an internal road that interconnects them with the surrounding settlements in the area.

It should be noted that the new settlement neighborhood is adjacent to a number of Israeli settlements in the area, including the settlements of Hanit (southeast), Shaked (south) and Tel Manashe (southwest), which collectively constitute a settlement in the area that threatens the surrounding Palestinian villages, especially since these settlements are located in the area Which was isolated by the Israeli occupation authorities due to the construction of the apartheid wall and became known today as the “Western Segregation Zone”, the area between the Green Line (the armistice line of 1949) and the path of the Israeli apartheid wall.

The new settlement plan is geographically linked to a previous settlement plan that was approved by the Israeli occupation authorities in February of the year 2019 to build another settlement neighborhood in the settlement (79 settlement units) on an area of ​​91 dunums of Palestinian land that belongs to the lands of the town of Yabad.

The "ARIJ" report said that while the Israeli occupation authorities are restricting the surrounding Palestinian communities, which have become isolated from the centers of life in the neighboring Palestinian villages due to the wall, they are unleashing settlement plans in the area in a step to control the isolated Palestinian lands west of the wall, as Its Palestinian owners are unable to access it except under complicated Israeli conditions.

To the east of the aforementioned settlement bloc (Hananaint, Shaked and Tel Menashe), the Israeli occupation authorities allocate an area of ​​6,089 dunums of the surrounding Palestinian land to be used for industrial purposes in the future (industrial zone) - plans No. 199, 1/199 and 2/199 And 3/199, 1/1/199 and 2/1/199, as well as to the west of the aforementioned settlement bloc, on November 18, 1998, the Israeli occupation authorities classified an area of ​​2,990 dunums of Palestinian land as a nature reserve (Umm al-Rihan Nature Reserve). ) by Israeli Military Order No. 51/33.

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