Israeli forces arrest 8 West Bank Citizens

RAMALLAH _ Palestine News Network

Israeli occupying forces arrested eight residents of the West Bank early Sunday after they raided their homes.

In a statement, the prisoner's club said that the occupation arrested four citizens of Nablus, namely: Salama Marwan Abdul Jawad, Mohammed Zaki Dabah, Jamil Salah al-Din al-Aqra and Bara Kamal Hashash.

Clashes erupted in the new Askar camp between the youths and the occupation forces, and no injuries were reported.

The Israeli occupation forces arrested Rani Hani Bisharat and Mahmoud Adel, a client from Bethlehem, as well as: the child Ahmed Iyad al-Rajabi and Cheb Mahdi Jaber from Jerusalem.

The occupying army announced today that 10 West Bank citizens have been arrested since Friday, allegedly for throwing home-made containers in Azzun, east of Qalqilya.


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