Freezing level rises to 5,184 meters in Switzerland

Switzerland , which is experiencing a heat wave like the rest of Western Europe, recorded a record high of freezing (0 degrees Celsius), which was recorded at a height of 5,184 meters between Sunday and Monday, breaking a record set 27 years ago, according to Meteorologists reported Monday.



Between Sunday and Monday, a temperature of zero degrees Celsius in Switzerland exceeded 5,000 metres, with zero temperature recorded for the first time at an altitude of 5,184 metres, the Federal Office of Meteorology and Climatology tweeted.



The freezing level represents the minimum altitude at which the temperature reaches 0°C in the open air and in the absence of sunlight bouncing off the snow.



This elevation is higher than the highest point in Switzerland, Dufour Peak (4,636 metres) in the Monte Rosa mountain range.



The last record high was set on July 20, 1995, at 5,117 metres.



Meteorologists determine the freezing level limit using weather balloons.



Switzerland is experiencing an exceptional heat wave and an unusual weather for the months of June, July and August, according to the Swiss Weather Service.



The heat wave is accompanied by an increase in temperatures in the highlands and a decrease in the number of frost days in the summer on the tops of the Alps.



The passing of a rainstorm Monday will allow a noticeable drop in temperatures from Tuesday. Temperatures in Switzerland are expected to remain close to seasonal rates until the end of the month, according to meteorologists.

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