Sullivan: Biden´s visit aims to achieve more stability

US National Security Adviser Jake Sullivan said Monday evening that President Joe Biden will leave for Israel tomorrow and discuss the US role, which will be different from what it was 20 years ago.


And Sullivan said in press statements that President Biden's goal in the Middle East is to achieve more stability and reduce conflicts, adding: "We are trying to gather our partners and emphasize that Iran is the country against which we must ally ourselves."


He continued, "Our diplomacy with Saudi Arabia now includes the armistice in Yemen and work to achieve food security in the region, and the president will seek to strengthen this armistice."


He said, "Our partnership with Israel is achieving record numbers through support, and the president is determined to support the relationship between it and Saudi Arabia."


The US National Security Adviser indicated that Biden will coordinate during his tour in the Middle East to address the threat posed by Iran, noting that Biden will meet during his tour in the Middle East with the Saudi leadership, including the Crown Prince, in order to strengthen the partnership between the two countries, develop the relationship and make it more balanced in order to achieve peace and security. food in the region.


Sullivan said: The president will also work during his tour of the Middle East to reduce the impact of the Russian war on food security in the region, noting that Biden will talk with OPEC member countries in the Middle East about energy security.


He added: We want to promote the path of improving relations between Israel and more Arab countries.


He pointed out that the United States did not put the Iranian nuclear deal on the agenda during Biden's visit to the Middle East, but the issue will be raised.


And he indicated that Biden will call for progress in the human rights file during his tour in the Middle East.


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