Google launches new version "Chrome 71 "

Washington _ Agencies

Google launched, the new version  "Chrome 71 " From the Chrome browser, in which it offers a range of improvements and features including the prohibition of abusive ads.

The search giant has recently finished a preview of the demo version of Chrome browser.

The new version is to be available for both Windows, Mac and Linux users to provide an experience that protects more than abusive ads by blocking such ads, or by showing and selecting such ads on different sites.

It is noteworthy that Google will subject ads to different websites to Google rankings which identifies abusive advertisements that fall under this specific category according to Google's vision, as will be monitored and monitored after activities in searches that guide the user automatically, along with false notices appearing For users.

Google also added that sites that will monitor such abusive ads on their pages will be warned to remove such advertisements within 30 days, and then Google will take action to block ads on the site completely if abusive ads are not canceled.

Google offers users the freedom of choice to activate or close the ad classification process in Chrome browser by updating Chrome 71, but some predictions suggest that Google's full control of the choice of ads may be a conflict with the company's advertising services, although Google has confirmed that this is The feature will not affect many Web sites.


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