Passing through the "Long Live Egypt" tunnel... Directives from Sisi to ease travel procedures for Palestinians from Gaza

The Hala Consulting and Tourism Services Company announced, today, Wednesday, new directives to facilitate the travel of Palestinians from the Gaza Strip through the Rafah border crossing back and forth.

The Egyptian company stated on its Facebook page that these directives were issued by Egyptian President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi , as an initiative to lift the burdens and suffering of the Palestinians.

The company indicated that it was decided to start transporting Palestinian passengers through air-conditioned buses at nominal prices to ease the burdens on the Palestinians, starting from the second Saturday of next July.

For his part, Salama Maarouf, head of the Government Information Office in Gaza, said that the follow-up to government work was informed of the intention of the Egyptian side to start transporting passengers back and forth via buses at reasonable prices through the “Long Live Egypt” tunnel.

Maarouf said, during his speech to the government's "Al-Rai" agency in Gaza, that travel facilities through the Rafah crossing were among the items discussed during the recent visit of the head of government work to the Arab Republic of Egypt.

He indicated that this facilitation will shorten a lot of the travelers' suffering, as many roadblocks will be bypassed, and they will pass through the Tahya Misr Tunnel without the need to pass through the ferry terminal, all at a reasonable price similar to the cost of normal travel.


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