The Prisoner’s Club: 6 cases of tumors among the prisoners in less than a year

The Prisoner Club said today, Wednesday, that there is a noticeable increase in cases of tumors compared to the past few years, as 6 cases were recorded in the period between August 2021 and June 2022. .

And the Prisoner Club indicated that the prisoners are: Nasser Abu Hamid, Iyad Nazir Omar, Jamal Amr, the administrative detainee Mahmoud Abu Warda, Musa Soufan, and Shadi Gawadra. 

The Prisoner Club added that about 600 sick prisoners in the occupation prisons who have been diagnosed over the past years are facing difficult health conditions, including about 200 suffering from chronic diseases, and there may be dozens of prisoners suffering from diseases and have not been diagnosed, as the policy of medical neglect constitutes ( Slow Killing) is the most dangerous policy pursued by the occupation prisons administration against the prisoners, because it contains tools that target the prisoners physically and psychologically. 

He stressed that the majority of those who had cancer and tumors faced similar detention conditions, most of them were subjected to harsh investigations, and some of them were shot by the occupation before arrest, or during their arrest, and were held in solitary confinement for years, or in prisons considered the worst in terms of environmental conditions, in addition to It is noticeable that most of them were held for long periods in southern prisons, such as (Negev, Ashkelon, Nafha, and Eshel), noting that most of them were old prisoners whose detention period exceeded 20 years or more. 

It is noteworthy that some of those who were martyred as a result of cancer, or those who were injured later, had suffered from a worsening of their health conditions over the years, without knowing their injury, as the prison administration deliberately informs the prisoner of the disease of his illness after the disease has reached an advanced stage, as It happened with the martyr Hussein Masamaleh and other prisoners who were martyred. As stated in the club statement.

He added: The crime of medical negligence (slow killing) was the central reason for the martyrdom of (72) prisoners, who were among (229) martyrs of the captive movement. From 14 hours in the so-called "Bal Mabar", until he was martyred in the Israeli

"Soroka" hospital, knowing that many of the sick prisoners did not complain about diseases or health problems before their arrest, not to mention that some of them were martyred shortly after their release, including The two prisoners Hussein Masalma and Ihab Al-Kilani, both of whom were martyred of cancer. 

The "Ramla" prison, which the prisoners call the "slaughterhouse", is a witness to the daily death they live in, and about 18 sick and wounded prisoners are held in tragic conditions. Kamal Abu Waer, and others who have battled cancer over the years. As stated in the statement.

He pointed out that some prisons hold dozens of sick prisoners with chronic conditions, in addition to the "Ramla" prison, as an example of this is the "Ashkelon" prison, in which today there are 32 prisoners, including 17 sick prisoners, the most prominent of whom are : Iyad Nazeer Omar, Musa Soufan, Riyadh Al-Amour, Muwaffaq Al-Arouk, Muhammad Ibrash, Fouad Al-Shobaki, Yasser Rabaia, Muhammad Adel Daoud. Note that most of them are serving life sentences.


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