Israeli arrest campaign for 25 Palestinians

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The Israeli occupation forces launched a massive incursion into the occupied West Bank on Tuesday, which resulted in the arrest of at least 25 Palestinian civilians, including two women from Hebron (south of occupied Jerusalem).

In a statement this morning, the Israeli occupation army confirmed that its troops had been arrested for 21 Palestinians, claiming that they were "wanted" for engaging in activities related to the popular resistance against Israeli targets.

The army reported that its forces had stormed an industrial facility (a blacksmith's workshop) in the town of Yatta, south of the city of Hebron, and seized its contents, allegedly for use in the manufacture of weapons.

Among those arrested were suspected of producing and trading weapons in Hebron, claiming the seizure of Carlo self-made weapons in the same city and three air rifles in Tulkarm.

In the same vein, Israeli occupying forces said that a military force had been hit by incendiary bottles and a "tube" explosive device; During an activity in Beit Rima, north-west of Ramallah, he noted that there had been damage to military vehicles.

Our correspondent in Hebron stated that the two women had been arrested by the Israeli occupation forces; Sonia al-Hamuri from her home, Bader's pillows; the wife of the deputy for Hamas, Mohammed Maher Badr, after they raided her home in the city.

Israeli arrests were prolonged; six Palestinians were from the villages of Deir Gabanan, Beit Rima, north-west of Ramallah, Aabod (north), Kharabtha al-Mesbah and Deir ' Saint (west of the city), in addition to a citizen of Tulkarm.

The occupying forces arrested four Palestinians from the town of Jericho, the Aqaba Jabr refugee camp near the town, four from Nablus and others from the Dheisheh refugee camp, south of Bethlehem.

According to local sources, the Israeli occupation forces raided the Amari refugee camp in Ramallah and took measurements of the House of the mother of Nasser Abu Hamid, the mother of six captives and a martyr, in preparation for his demolition after her son Islam accused the killing of an Israeli soldier in the camp two months earlier.

Clashes erupted between youths and the Israeli occupation forces in the Dheisheh refugee camp south of Bethlehem, injuring a young man with live fire.

Five youths, two of them live bullets, were wounded last night in Beit ' al-Khalil, north of Hebron, during clashes in the town, while four citizens were arrested by the occupying army after their homes were raided and searched.

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