Al-Hadmi: Bennett´s government demolished 270 buildings and arrested 3,000 Jerusalemites

Minister of Jerusalem Affairs, Fadi Al-Hadmi , described the period of Naftali Bennett 's government over the course of a year, which was one of the most difficult years, and one of the most dangerous for the city of Jerusalem and its residents.

In a statement, Al-Hedmi pointed out that this period witnessed a noticeable escalation in settlement operations with the aim of consecrating the so-called “Greater Jerusalem”, the demolition of Palestinian homes, arrests, plans to Judaize and change the city’s landmarks, incursions and violations against Al-Aqsa Mosque, and Islamic and Christian religious sites in the city .

Al-Hadmi indicated that the occupation forces, since its establishment, have demolished more than 270 buildings in the Jerusalem governorate, displacing about 500 Palestinians. And other Palestinian neighborhoods in the city.

Self-demolitions of homes intensified during the period of this government, under the threat of imposing heavy fines on citizens.

He pointed out that the occupation government continued massive arrests in the neighborhoods of the occupied city of Jerusalem , which made the city record the highest rates of arrest, compared to other governorates in the West Bank.

Institutions concerned with prisoners' issues have monitored more than 3,000 arrests in the city since the formation of the occupation government, noting that from the beginning of this year until the end of May, 1,737 arrests were recorded in East Jerusalem.

Al-Hadmi said: “Not a single day has passed since the formation of this government a year ago without violations, whether by demolishing homes or arrests, approving settlement projects, announcing Judaization schemes, or incursions and violations at Al-Aqsa Mosque, including during the month of Ramadan, in addition to Assault on church property and attempt to seize it.

He added: "The year of this government has been very difficult for Al-Aqsa Mosque, through a series of steps aimed at erasing the existing historical and legal situation, whether by intensifying incursions, or allowing Talmudic prayers, raising Israeli flags and attempts to perpetuate the temporal and spatial division of the mosque, leading to excavations in its surroundings."

Al-Hadmi continued: "The Israeli government has disregarded dozens of Palestinian, Arab, Islamic and international condemnations by systematically escalating the expulsion of residents, intensifying settlements and changing the city's landmarks."


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