Contacts between Israeli parties on dissolving the Knesset reach a dead end

 Contacts between the government coalition and the opposition in Israel regarding the dissolution of the Knesset have reached a dead end.

According to the Arabic-speaking Israeli public broadcaster, the two parties did not agree on a date for the elections and the issue of party financing due to the opposition’s demand to freeze the accused’s bill, and to grant it the right to veto all legislative procedures until the Knesset is dissolved.

In the event that the Israeli government coalition does not succeed this morning in passing a resolution to refer the Knesset dissolution bill to the Constitution, Law and Justice Committee, the committee will meet to approve it for a vote in the first reading, and then immediately the Knesset in its entirety will discuss the bill, and after the expected vote on it in the first reading, it will be referred Once again to the Constitution Committee for approval on the second and third readings.

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