Are we facing a Lebanese-Israeli naval Oslo, or a devastating regional war?!

I firmly believe that Israel would not have taken the risk of renting a huge boat specialized in extracting oil and gas from the depths of the seas and bringing it to the disputed maritime region of Karish between Lebanon and the Israeli entity in order to begin its work in extracting oil and gas from the aforementioned field if it did not have assurances that would reach certainty. , by its allies in Lebanon that this ship will not be exposed to any harm from Hezbollah in particular.

This party participating in the Lebanese government and allied with Lebanese President Michel Aoun and his Free Patriotic Movement party, which is currently headed by Gebran Bassil, has repeatedly declared that the decision for war and peace in Lebanon is in the hands of the Lebanese state and not in his hands.

This was reiterated by the Deputy Secretary-General of Hezbollah, Sheikh Naim Qassem, in his exclusive interview with "Reuters" on Monday, specifically when he said that his party will not use force to deter Israel because of what is happening in Karish unless the Lebanese government announces that what is happening is an Israeli attack on Lebanon's oil and gas rights offshore.

It goes without saying that Aoun, who did not even dare to sign Decree 6422 to amend the navy, and Najib Mikati, who is subservient to Saudi orders, would not dare to say this because resorting to resistance is an option to restore rights that is not in their lexicon and contradicts their interests.

The choice of Aoun and Mikati is to negotiate on the rule established by Anwar Sadat, according to which 99 percent of the solution papers are in the hands of America.

Therefore, Aoun and Mikati asked the US envoy for the negotiations to demarcate the maritime borders between Lebanon and Israel, Amos Hochstein, who, by the way, is an American Jew born in Tel Aviv who served in the Israeli army and holds dual American and Israeli citizenship, to come to Beirut to start conducting indirect negotiations with Israel regarding the Karish field and the demarcation of The maritime border between Lebanon and the Israeli entity.

Israeli Defense Minister Benny Gantz immediately agreed with this call, who made press statements on Monday in which he stressed that the dispute with Lebanon over gas will be resolved through diplomatic means and American mediation.

In order not to get bogged down in details, the concrete analysis of the concrete reality and benefiting from the Palestinian-Israeli negotiating experience, in particular, know that whoever bets on American mediation to resolve a dispute with Israel over an issue is necessarily a loss.

America is the main enemy for all Arab and Islamic peoples and for all peoples eager to be liberated from the domination of capitalist brutality, and it is a partner of Israel in all the crimes it commits against the Palestinian people.

Any talk about an honest American mediator when it comes to Israel is nonsense and a fantasy, even if this mediator is not an Israeli Zionist holding American citizenship, like Amos Forkstein, who served in the Israeli army and considers Israel's security at the forefront of his priorities.

Accordingly, if the Lebanese resistance does not enter the line and deter Israel at sea, as it is deterred on land, then Lebanon, whose people suffer from poverty, deprivation and hardship of living, will remain a failed state forever and ever, and with time it will join the passengers of the printing press with Israel.

It remains to be said that Israel's medic to accelerate the theft of Lebanese oil and gas is carried out in coordination with the Biden administration, which has an interest in exporting gas extracted from the "Karesh" field to Europe as an alternative to Russian gas and to strike the Russian economy.

Will the Lebanese resistance allow this diabolical project to see the light?!

This is what the next hours, days and weeks will answer. 


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