Partial collapse of a building adjacent to the Ibrahimi Mosque

A building adjacent to the Ibrahimi Mosque suffered cracks and partially collapsed as a result of the occupation forces preventing the Hebron Endowment from carrying out renovations in the Haram and its surroundings.

The Director-General of Hebron Endowments, Nidal Al-Jabari, said that the building opposite and adjacent to the Haram had cracks and partial collapse as a result of the occupation’s prevention of its reconstruction and the buildings surrounding it, warning that these practices and attacks on the Haram by setting up points for the occupation army above it pose a danger to him.

Al-Jabari stressed that all possible measures and measures will be taken to stop the serious and repeated violations of the Israeli occupation against our sanctities, which come as part of a Judaization plan, in violation of all international laws and norms.

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