The European Union calls for an end to the settlers´ seizure of Christian properties in Jerusalem

The European Union called today, Friday, to stop settlers ' attempts to seize Christian property in the Old City of Jerusalem, as they endanger the heritage and traditions of the Christian community, expressing deep concern about the worrying repercussions of the Israeli decision and the seizure of the Christian community and the neighborhood Christians in the Old City of Jerusalem. 

He said that the Israeli court in Jerusalem's rejection of the Greek Orthodox Patriarchate's appeal against the settler organization Ateret Cohanim's appropriation of Greek Orthodox properties in Bab Al-Khalil put the Palestinians at risk of eviction.

The European Union added in a statement issued by its representative in Jerusalem, in agreement with the heads of missions of the European Union countries in Jerusalem and Ramallah, today, Friday, that the Israeli refusal increased pressure on the Christian presence in Jerusalem, which is accompanied by the settlers’ threat to Christian communities and their properties.

The European Union indicated that these attempts constitute a threat to peaceful coexistence in Jerusalem, as well as to the established religious balance, calling for adherence to the status quo, including the sacred Christian sites, and to preserve the freedom of religion and the status and character of the city and its respect by all.


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