Settlers attack the homes of citizens in the village of Jab´a

Settlers from "Bat Ayin" settlement, under the protection of the occupation forces, attacked a number of houses in the village of Al-Jaba'a, west of Bethlehem .


"Al-Quds" correspondent reported that a number of settlers infiltrated into the village, which is located on the seam border with the 48th area, and threw stones and paint bottles at the houses, which caused damage to the windows and walls of the house of the citizen Muhammad Ahmad Al-Tus. After carrying out the attack, the settlers fled to their settlement without interference from the occupying forces.

Diab Mashala, head of the village council, told Al-Quds that the village is constantly exposed to attacks by settlers and their vehicles, whether through storming the village or setting ambushes for citizens while they are traveling through the streets surrounding the village.


He added that the settlers attacked the village mosque several times, without the occupation forces arresting any of them, and this encourages them to continue these attacks. 


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