New Secretary-General of the Christian Democratic Party is expected to be elected in Germany today

Berlin _ Agencies

Following the election of Ingrid Crombe-Karnbauer, a new president of the Christian Democratic Party, succeeding German Chancellor Angela Merkel on Friday, elections are expected to be held on Saturday to elect a new party deputy.

Krombe-Karnabur was the Secretary-General of the party before she outperformed the former president of the parliamentary bloc of the Christian Alliance Friedrich Merts in the elections held yesterday during the General Congress of the party in Hamburg, to succeed Merkel in the leadership of the party.

Krombe-Karnabur said on Wednesday after winning the post that it is possible to elect a new party secretary general during the General Conference today, if desired.

The General Conference is scheduled to continue its second day with the discussion of applications submitted to the party.

In addition to the selection of the party's new leader, some 1,000 delegates were elected yesterday by a number of new leaders, including five Vice-presidents. The head of the state Government of Hessen Volker had the highest vote (90.04%, while Defence Minister Orzola von der Line received the lowest percentage among the five deputies (57.47 percent of the votes).

The list of new deputies included the Federal Minister of Agriculture, Yulia Klukner (86 percent of the votes), the head of the North Rhine-Westphalia government Armin Lašet (75.62 percent of the vote), and the local Minister of the Interior of Baden-Württemberg Thomas Strebel (59.34%).


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