Belgium prepares for new protests for owners "Yellow Jackets "

Belgium _ Agencies

The Belgian capital has stepped up the police presence Saturday, waiting for new demonstrations to protest against rising fuel prices, coinciding with similar events in France. The demonstrations began in France, dubbed the "Yellow Jackets " Protests last month, while Belgium witnessed occasional violent demonstrations.

Police spokeswoman Els van de Kerr told the Belgian "Bayja " news agency that in Brussels, policemen hope to contain the demonstrations peacefully while allowing people to continue their normal activities.

They also monitor social media sites in search of information about the protests, as the owners of the Yellow Jackets "refuse to enter into contact with the police or one of the officials" to organize their activities, the spokeswoman added. In eastern Belgium, the owners of the Yellow Jackets blocked the fast "a 40" road leading to France across the border early on Saturday.


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