123 Victims of the Yemen war per week

Sana'a _ Agencies

The United Nations reported that more than 123 civilians were killed or injured in Yemen on a weekly basis between August August and October 2018.

The total number of people killed and injured in that period by the war was 1,000 and 500 civilians, according to the United Nations Secretary-General's spokesman, Stefan Dugrerik, at a news conference from the UN headquarters in New York on Friday.

He called on the parties to the conflict in Yemen to protect civilians and civilian infrastructures  "because of the very high cost of humanity." It is clear that 23 per cent of the victims fell into homes or hospitals.

He noted that the importance of the consultations in Sweden between the Yemeni parties stems from the deepening of the humanitarian crisis in the country. Confirming that they  "are still continuing."

Sweden's consultations were launched Thursday and are led by UN envoy Martin Griffith, who is considering a number of issues; the firing of prisoners, fighting in the city of Hodeidah, the central bank, the siege of Taiz city, the delivery of humanitarian assistance to those affected, and the closed Sana'a airport.

For almost four years, Yemen has been witnessing a fierce war between government forces, backed by the Saudi-led Arab alliance on the one hand, and the militants of the al-Houthi group on the other, causing unprecedented deterioration of economic and humanitarian conditions. Amid international efforts to end it as the human tragedy deepens in the country.


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