The bodies of 20 civilians were found in Kyiv

The Ukrainian police announced on Wednesday that 20 new bodies of civilians had been found during the past 24 hours in the Kyiv region, which was partially occupied by Russian forces for several weeks, bringing the number of civilians whose bodies were found to Now 1235 bodies.


The region's police chief Andrei Nebitov said in a video posted by the Interior Ministry that the 20 bodies were found "in Borodianka and in neighboring towns and villages in the Vyshgorod region."


He announced that "1235 bodies belonging to civilians were found", of which 800 were "examined by experts."


And a previous report, announced by Ukrainian Deputy Prime Minister Olga Stevanishina, told AFP on April 21, that more than a thousand bodies of civilians had been found "currently (in the morgues) of the Kyiv region."


"I can unfortunately tell you that most of them were shot," Nebitov announced Wednesday.


The police said that so far 282 bodies have not been identified.

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