Hungary rejects EU proposal on Russian oil embargo "in its current form"

(AFP) Hungary on Wednesday rejected the European Union's proposal to impose a gradual embargo on Russian oil "in its current form", saying that this would "totally destroy" the security of its energy supplies.


Foreign Minister Peter Szijjarto said in a video message on his Facebook page that the proposal "cannot be supported in its current form, and with all responsibility we cannot vote for it."


Meanwhile, Czech Prime Minister Petr Viala said his government is ready to support the EU's proposal to ban imports of Russian crude oil, but needs time to first boost pipeline capabilities.


"We are ready to support the decision, provided that the Czech Republic makes an exception, so that there are supplies that enable it to transport oil to the country," Fiala was quoted by Bloomberg news agency as telling reporters.


"The Czech Republic is in extensive talks with the European Union and other European Union countries to obtain an exemption from the embargo for two or three years," he added.


It is noteworthy that Slovakia asked the European Union for a three-year exemption to import Russian oil.

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