Iran prepares to execute Swedish citizen convicted of spying for Israel

The Iranian Students' News Agency (ISNA) reported today, Wednesday, that Iran is planning to execute a doctor convicted by the Iranian judiciary of spying for the Israeli intelligence (Mossad).


ISNA stated that the execution of the convict, identified as Ahmed-Rissa J, was scheduled for May 21. This person holds both Swedish and Iranian nationalities.


 No confirmation has yet been issued by the Iranian judiciary.


The accused is a doctor who specializes in disaster relief operations. He was tried for espionage during a visit to Iran in 2016, and he was sentenced to death, then the sentence was upheld in 2017, and he obtained Swedish citizenship in 2018.


The execution was postponed indefinitely after he was diagnosed with cancer. But observers said that talk about him resurfaced because an Iranian known as Hamid M. is being tried. In Sweden, he faces charges of overseeing a mass execution 34 years ago when he was a court official.


Hamed remains in detention and could face life imprisonment if found guilty. The Iranian Foreign Ministry described the trial as a "political show" organized by Iranian opposition groups.

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