Occupation arrests 10 young men at Qalandia Checkpoint

The Israeli occupation forces arrested, shortly before midnight, 10 young men, at the Qalandia checkpoint.

According to Jerusalem sources, the young men were on their way back to the West Bank from Al-Aqsa Mosque after performing Friday prayers there.


Security sources reported the arrest of the freed prisoner Hassan Ibrahim Hassan (37 years), from the Al-Saff Street area in central Bethlehem, and Hussein Suleiman Abu Jalgaif (25 years), from Jabal Hindazah to the east, during their return from prayer at Al-Aqsa Mosque at midnight last night.


And the occupation forces had previously arrested 12 young men from Azzun in Qalqilya, as they tried to reach Al-Aqsa through a hole in the wall.

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