Injuries as a result of the occupation’s suppression of weekly demonstrations in the West Bank

A number of citizens were injured, today, Friday, as a result of the Israeli occupation forces’ repression of the weekly demonstrations that took place in more than one area in the West Bank.

Violent confrontations erupted at several touch points, with demonstrations rejecting settlements and the continuation of the occupation's plans to seize more occupied Palestinian land.

In Nablus, about 33 protesters were shot and suffocated during violent confrontations that erupted at Jabal Sabih in the town of Beita in the south, and Beit Dajan in the east, where the occupation forces fired rubber bullets and tear gas canisters at the demonstrators.

According to local sources, photojournalist Wahaj Bani Mufleh was hit in the foot by a rubber bullet while covering the events in the area.

In Qalqilya, 4 young men were shot with rubber bullets, while dozens of others suffocated as a result of the Israeli forces firing a barrage of tear gas canisters at the young men participating in the weekly demonstration in the town of Kafr Qaddoum, east of the governorate.

In addition, 3 young men were wounded by live ammunition during clashes that erupted at the northern checkpoint of Qalqilya.

Limited clashes also erupted in Hebron.

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