On Mother´s Day... Deprivation of the bosom of children and other demands in the occupation´s prisons

The Commission for Prisoners and Ex-Prisoners Affairs called on this morning, Monday, women and community institutions to raise their voice in the face of the silent international community, to end the suffering of Palestinian female prisoners inside the Israeli occupation prisons.

The Commission said that in light of the daily work to empower women worldwide and give them more of their rights, Palestinian women are still paying a heavy price with their lives and their families as a result of the continuation of this occupation and its inhuman and immoral practices.

The commission specifically conveyed the demands of female prisoners inside the detention centers and that all mothers are celebrating today with their families and families on the occasion of March 21, and at the same time, the occupation deprives 31 Palestinian female prisoners between a mother and a girl from living these moments due to its hatred and racism, and deprives nearly 4,400 mothers of the greeting and tenderness of their children due to the forced distance. of arresting them.

The commission revealed the most important demands of the female prisoners, which are: closing the Sharon crossing, installing a public phone, inserting a gynecologist, removing cameras from Al-Fura Square, increasing food supplies in the canteen after reducing materials, providing women with basic needs, in addition to stopping restrictions, repression and the policy of isolation against them, and not Taking into account their psychological, health and life situation, and keeping them away from their homes and children.

Among the female prisoners in the occupation prisons, Israa Jaabis from Jerusalem, who is sentenced to 11 years in prison, according to the Palestinian Prisoners Club.

He explained that Israa was arrested on October 11, 2015 after the occupation fired at her vehicle near one of the military checkpoints, which caused it to explode and catch fire. and back.

Israa is considered, according to the club, one of the most difficult cases of illness in the occupation prisons. Despite this, she is considered one of the active prisoners, and she is languishing in the “Damoon” prison alongside her female companions.

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